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Why Do We Blow Shofar During The Month Of Elul


The week before Rosh Hashana, I will not be in the proximity of people
who can do Hatarat Nedarim (annulling of Vows) for me.
Can I do it via Skype?


Rosh Hashana Customs


If I forgot to do the Eruv Tavshilin how can I prepare
on the 2nd day of Yom Tov for Shabbas?


Is it permitted to sleep on Rosh Hashana afternoon?

The source often given for not sleeping on Rosh Hashannah
is a Yerushalmi missing from our editions.


Why do we pre-set  a new fruit  on the dinner table
the second night of Rosh Hashannah?


Which fruits qualify for a Sheh'heche'yanu
on the 2nd night of Rosh Hoshana?


  How do I get to the hospital if I go into labor on Yom Tov?   


Is it permitted on Yom Tov to carry garbage from our house
to our outdoor garbage cans?


  Is carrying a house key permitted on Yom Tov?

  All authorities agree that carrying on Yom Tov is permitted
when the object being carried is needed on Yom Tov


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