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The 9 Days start on Sunday, July 23rd after sundown.

So if you want to have meat for dinner that night
make sure you finish your dinner before sundown.



The Fast of Tisha B'av begins in the early evening of July 31st.
Check the exact time the fast starts in your community.

The Fast of Tisha B'av Ends on the evening of August 1st.
Check the exact time the fast ends in your community.

Tisha B'av | Tisha B'Av Customs | Fasting Tips

Preparing For The Fast & What Happens After

Restrictions For The 9 Days | Q & A About 3 Weeks & Tisha B'Av

What Happens When Tisha B'av Is On Different Days Of The Week




Cardio & strength training

Both cardio & weights lower your chance of Dementia.




St. Johns Wort is not for everyone - check with your doctor




North Elizabeth, New Jersey

Women of Congregation Adath Israel

Kids at a shul event

Hillside Jewish Community

US Guest Friendly Shuls | Guest Friendly Shuls Outside the US


Nutrition Directory

Echinacea Ginko-BilobaFlaxseed  

Herbal Supplements
What to know before you buy!


Prayer Directory

Group of women davening

Kosher Woman created Q & A pages for busy women
who don't have the time to seek out answers or don't feel comfortable
asking their husband, father or Rabbi ' a question face to face.'

We have updated some of our Q & A pages.

Everyday Family Questions | Business Halacha
Keeping Kosher - Equipment | Keeping Kosher - Food | Shabbas

Prayer At Home

Weekday Prayers | Shemoneh Esrei
Praying For A Cure 
| Tehilim For Someone Who Is Very Sick

Prayer At Shul
Shabbas & Yom Tov Prayers | Kaddish

If you are looking for an answer to a question,
contact us at


Exercise Directory

A woman checking her weight    Tznius woman exercising

Spring & Summer Are the Time To Get Back to your Diet & Exercise Programs

Exercises that help you prevent having less injuries

Lower Your Cholesterol With Exercise


Kitchen Directory

Kitchen tips

Sous-Vide | How To Clean Your Cookware | How To Use A Cast Iron Skillet
Kitchen Tips #1  | Kitchen Tips # 2


Lifestyle Directory

A woman concentrating

Recent Lifestyle Pages

Concentration Killer | How To Clean Stains | Mid-Life Marriage Challenges
Parenting For A Large Family | Raising Teens


Health Directory

Keep an Eye on your feet

Best Exercise For Your Brain | Food For Your Brain | Why Do We Forget Things 

Signs of Heat Related Problems | Heat Related tips

Foods That Help Your Thyroid | Foods that Thyroid Patients Should Avoid
Never Ignore signs of Cancer | Thyroid Symptons & Solutions

How To Make Your Feet Feel Better
Best Ways To Reduce Wrinkles | Water Helps Your Body
Warning Signs Of Eating Disorders

Signs Of Depression | Mid-Life Depression With Triggers & Solutions
Foods That Help Fight Depression


Diet Directory

A woman eating late at night

Breakfast Full Of Protein
Go Vegetarian Without Being Hungry
| How Late Can You Eat
What To Do To Reach A Healthy Weight | Why You Need To Know Your BMI


Click on this ADAD for way to clean your vegetables

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A page with HELP for women

A financial guide to Aliyah & Life In Israel

Zav law can help if you don't think you'll get a fair judgement from your local Bais Din is a reliable kosher supervision agency

Echo is an organization that helps people find doctors for their special needs

Jewish Idenity  - Who Is A Jew?

The National Institute For Jewish Hospice

WILL TRAVELA Jewish comedian

Marriage & Love

Logo ad for ORA an organization that assists women who need help getting a Jewish Divorce - a Get

Sanctity of the Synagogue the only book on separate seating in the synagogue (Mechitza)

Puah is an organization that helps with infertility problems



Operation Embrace assists victims of terror

A book about marriage


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